In June of 2017, Together for Good was launched with a clear mission: create pathways for the local church to come alongside vulnerable children and families in Christ-centered ministry

Armed with the knowledge that social isolation is the top risk factor for abuse and neglect, a team of professionals and volunteers worked together to grow this relational, hope-filled ministry. 

In the past year, we have been joined by over 625 volunteers and counting. 

Together, we came alongside families in distress through crisis hosting, respite care and relational ministry. In just the past year our impact is seen in the numbers:

  • 80 Moms
  • 131 Kids
  • 125 Hostings
  • 2193 Days of Care

Through the prayers and support of our volunteers, donors and church teams, lives are being changed every day. 

We stand in awe at what God has done and look forward to a bright future for the ministry of Together for Good!