Mikaela called three “crisis phone lines” and was passed from one social worker to another until finally, on her fourth call, a county worker offered something different.

“I think you should call Together for Good,” she said.

Mikaela cried when we said “yes” to not only caring for her precious daughter but to driving her to the hospital for an urgent medical procedure so that she wouldn’t have to spend the morning riding city buses. And we said “yes” to connecting her to a local church and an advocate to support her while she finds her way in a new city. This is truly something different.

This Christmas we rejoice that the word is spreading: Together for Good is offering something different. Social workers in our city can’t believe what is happening at TFG. We know that this is not the power of a social service organization. It is the power of God, at work through His people…at work through our partner churches…at work through YOU.

Jesus has opened the door wide for all of us to serve our communities in His name. We are getting 20-30 calls every week from families desperate for something different. At our current capacity, we are unable to say yes to all of these calls.

We want to be able to say yes to every family. We need your help.Your gift today provides something different. This changes everything!

Would you open the door even wider to those who are alone this Christmas by including us in your year-end giving?

Our goal between now and the end of the year is to raise an additional $300,000 to say yes to even more parents like Mikaela in 2023!

Your gift of $1,000 opens our doors to help one more child. Your gift of $5,000 helps an entire family experience the power of loving, wrap-around care.

Support a family like Mikaela’s today

With hearts full of gratitude,
Your TFG team 💛