By Megan Dennison, TFG Program Administrator

Throughout my life thus far, God has revealed himself to me in numerous ways. He’s revealed himself through his Word, his creation, through friends and strangers.

However, on November 26, 2020, he revealed himself to me in the most beautiful and profound way – through becoming a mom.

I’ve always thought that I’ve fully grasped the love of God. I’ve read verse after verse about God’s love for me and how wide and long and high and deep it is. I’ve listened to numerous sermons and read many books. Yet, I realize now that the love of God was a truth I understood fully in my head, but not necessarily with my whole heart.

However, the moment that I birthed my son, this truth entirely shifted from my head to my heart.

The feeling that I could instantly love this tiny human I just met so fiercely and so unwaveringly that I would do anything for him was simply overwhelming. The concept of unconditional love had finally penetrated every corner of my heart – the kind of love that God has for us.

This truth has continued to come to life as I have journeyed through these first few months with my son.

Through my unconditional love for my son, I want him to know that I am always there for him no matter the circumstance. My son depends on me for every aspect of his existence, and when he cries out to me because he needs something, I’m right there to comfort him.

In the moments when he is the most vulnerable, I would do anything to show him that I see him, I hear him, and that I love him endlessly.

Isn’t this how God desires us, his children, to depend on and trust in him for every aspect of our lives?

To know that he is always with us, no matter the situation or circumstance, just waiting for us to cry out to him so that he can provide comfort and meet our every need?

His love is ever present, everlasting, and it never, ever fails.

With all of the love I have for my son, it will still fail, because I will fail. I will still get impatient and selfish. I will still make mistakes. I’m still so flawed because I’m still human. And because of my human limitations and sinful nature, I know that my love for my son is just a small fraction of the love that our perfect God has for him, and for you and me.

I am standing in more awe of God this Easter season as a new mom than I ever have.

To think that he would sacrifice his completely perfect Son for sinful humanity is too much for me to comprehend. To picture my sweet, innocent son’s life exchanged for the worst sinner I can imagine is too much to stomach, and yet, that is what God did for us, because that is just how much he loves us.

Rest in this truth today, friends. God loves you, all of you, more than you can comprehend.

And absolutely nothing can separate you from this love, not even death.

Romans 8:38-39