“I just so happened to stop by to visit,” said Veria, our Program Director.

Ashley,* a young mom of 3, had recently called and sounded very sad and troubled. Veria asked if she could stop by for a short visit.

When she arrived, Ashley told her, “I feel so alone and overwhelmed. I just found out that I am pregnant.”

The weight of parenting, even in the best of times, can feel isolating and overwhelming. The realities of little sleep and no energy or time to recharge, can be difficult. Even with the help of family and friends, this road is not easy. Covid-19 has made life especially difficult for single moms.

In Ashley’s case, her loneliness led to an unplanned pregnancy.

On this particular day, as Ashley was feeling the weight of another baby on the way, Veria “just happened” to stop by.

There Ashley sat, vulnerable, alone and hopeless. She was thinking through ways to escape this “mistake” she had created. Abortion suddenly seemed like a real and possible option.

Veria knew her impromptu visit was no coincidence. God had brought her there to be a comfort and encouragement to Ashley.

Veria began to share stories about other women who had contemplated the same life or death decision in their own moments of great despair.

Ashley listened intently to story after story of God’s intervention and provision in each of these “unexpected pregnancies.” As Veria reminded her the TFG community was also there to support her, that families would wrap around her during this time, Ashley’s faith and hope were renewed.

She realized that with God’s help and the support of volunteer families from Together for Good, she could make it through this pregnancy.

Dear friends, YOU helped save a life. At the end of December, a precious baby boy was born to Ashley (see picture below with his proud older sister ?).

Honoring a mother’s brave choice

This is the power of one choice.

Ashley’s choice gave her son the gift of life.

Your choice to share your hearts, homes and resources to make this ministry possible means that moms like Ashley won’t face life alone.

The church’s choice to come alongside those who are hurting, overwhelmed and in need of comfort and a gentle helping hand makes a powerful difference.

Ashley says, “I feel like I actually have a support system now and you made that happen. I feel so much better…I have hope and I feel better knowing I have people like you that care!”

Don’t ever doubt your place in this ministry. God is at work through you. Thank you for being a part of this miracle.

At Together for Good, we believe every life matters.

We honor the choices of moms like Ashley and are committed to be with them for the long haul.

It is our job to come alongside and support parents to be all that God created them to be, so that their children can grow into their God-given potential.

We dream of a world where children will grow up confident they are loved, where families will live confidently knowing they are supported and where each person believes they are made for a powerful purpose.

Our Creator God makes no mistakes.

Thank you for standing alongside moms like Ashley. Together we step into the gap to empower life and provide wrap-around support, until all families are whole, healed and together for good.

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