By Maridel Sandberg, TFG President/Executive Director

As we dive in to the final days of 2020, I invite you to read these words from one of my dear friends as she offers a thoughtful call to see those around us.

Here is an excerpt from the linked blog:

~ Oh, how we need each other. Let us comfort and find ways to bring good cheer to the person who has lost their job, or their business, their health, their internal balance, or is grieving the loss of a loved one. Instead of focusing on the compliance of mask wearing, let’s see—really see—the person behind the mask and how they are faring in these uncertain days…

…Let us remember. Remember the needs of all people. And in our remembering, actively search for ways to extend love and grace and kindness. Tangible, practical expressions of our care that will maximize joy in the lives of those we encounter. Like playing the child’s game ding-dong-ditch, but with no dinging and no ditching ?…only the spontaneous (or well-planned) delivery of a simple, enduring, loving gift of kindness from one human heart to another.

Joy bringers. Could that be us?

Friend, know that you are not alone. 

My heart rejoices because of the blessing you are to the families and children TFG serves. Praying you will be filled with everything you need and continue to be a joy bringer this Christmas season.

With love,

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