Fundraise for TFG

You can do anything to raise money

Your creativity is all that’s needed!

run a marathon
throw a dinner party
bike across town
trek across the country
read a book or an entire series
canoe or kayak down a river
hike a mountain
grow a beard
hold a bake sale
shave your head
lose weight
knit a sweater
do pushups
make lemonade
sell items you don’t use anymore
create art
dye your hair
donate your birthday
and so much more

Donations can be made here

Let your imagination run wild, grab a group of friends and get fundraising!

Decide your fundraising goal and set a deadline.

Example: I’m going to raise $5,000 in 6 weeks/I’m looking for ten $50 donations to meet my $500 fundraising goal!

Choose how you will meet your financial goal

Use the list of ideas above as inspiration and get creative! Don’t make it too complicated, the simpler the better. Choose something you will enjoy doing.

Spread the word on social media

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to let your network know what you’re doing.  The more people you tell, the faster you’ll reach your goal.