Together for good

Are you a parent who is overwhelmed or facing increased life stressors?

You are not alone.

Together for Good is a network of volunteers and professional staff who come alongside parents facing chronic stress or crisis. We provide ongoing social support and practical help in three ways:

  1. CRISIS HOSTING: Caring volunteer families temporarily care for children while parents in crisis regain stability.
  2. RESPITE CARE: Periodic pre-planned care of children on a once-weekly or monthly basis for parents facing chronic stress.
  3. SOCIAL SUPPORT: Ongoing relational support such as visits from a mentor, classes, fellowship meals as well as connection to resources as needed.

CHILD SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY. All of our volunteers complete a comprehensive screening process including an application, background check, references, interview and home study visit by our social work team. Host families are also supervised and supported by professional social work staff while caring for children.


  1. Parent or someone on the parent’s behalf calls or fills out the form below.
  2. A team member will respond within one business day.
  3. Intake interview with parent to determine what support is appropriate.
  4. Arrangements made: timing of hosting, host family search, paperwork, etc.
  5. Hosting / Respite Care/ Social Support initiated.
  6. Ongoing support offered to parent.


  • Care arrangements are voluntary for all parties (parent and volunteers).
  • Parents retain full custody of children and have ongoing contact/visits during hosting.
  • Our compassionate volunteers are trained in diversity and cultural sensitivity and seek to show respect and care to all.
  • Together for Good serves families from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

If you are struggling, looking for a safe place for your children to stay or need a network of support, we can help!

Please fill out the form below or call us at (651) 440-4058.