By Ericka, a TFG Host Mom


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“Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16

Our family has been abundantly blessed.

I married a good, faithful, loving man and father who loves Jesus. He works hard at a job outside our home that allows me to spend my days at home with our children and to serve the Lord in the ways I have been called.

This structure of our family blesses us with margins of time we did not have before. His job blesses our family with financial stability and material possessions. We are comfortable.

But, what do we do with this comfort?

Friends, we are called.

We are called to be generous.

Generous with our time, our gifts, our material possessions, and our money. Of course God wants us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we must remember that all of it comes from him… the comfort, the financial stability, the material possessions, the natural gifts we’ve been given. All of them are gifts from our good and gracious Father.

And He calls us to share.

Years ago in our faith journey, my husband and I were led by the Spirit to begin giving a percentage of our income to our local church. Friends, let me be honest and tell you that the selfishness hidden in my heart made it difficult for me to be as generous with our finances as we were called to be. Praise the Lord for a husband who led us well in that season.

Over time, the Lord revealed the abundance we were being given from a financial perspective. He called us to give more than we had been. By this season, God had shown me that when I let go and give to God what He is calling of us, blessings and freedom abound. Our family began to give a regular amount of financial support to the ministry that we have been called to, Together for Good.

And now, each month our family contributes an amount of money to the Together for Good ministry. It is automatically deducted from our account, and we know that God is using this money to better the lives of women and children in our local community.

Because of our involvement with the ministry, we get to see first hand the impact that TFG has on suffering people right here in our local community. God is so good.

So, if you read this and feel a stirring in your heart to give financially to this ministry, don’t ignore it.

In giving generously from what we’ve been given, God works wonders in our own hearts.

With love,

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