When I got approved as a host “mom” I wanted to jump in right away. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited to serve and help in a time of need, but I was nervous not knowing who God would send my way. And then questions of doubt began to set in. I’m a single person with no kids of my own, can I really do this? Is my house fun enough for kids? How do I install a car seat?! (Don’t worry, there is help for that!) After a time of anxiously waiting, I got connected with a family and after meeting them for the first time I truly felt there was a reason for the wait. God was just bringing the right family, at the right time. The situation the kids are walking through, I have lived through myself.

Now comes the hosting part. Did it go perfectly? No. Was there strawberry jelly on my table and books scattered all over the floor? Yes and yes. But to be able to share laughter and smiles made it worth it. To ease the situation the family is walking through and help the kids forget about it for just a little bit is worth the spilled jelly mess. The time spent reading story, after story, after story to show the kids they are valued and cared about is priceless.

My first hosting experience was only for a day, but it showed me that I can do it. It left me excited to host again (and I am soon) and it reassured me that I don’t need a bunch of fancy stuff to be a host parent. I just need the willingness to give my time and to spread the love of Jesus. Become a host family. You won’t regret it!

To learn more about hosting with Together for Good, find an information session on training near you on our Events page.