On June 17, TFG is turning 4!

June 11, 2021 in News & Updates, Other, Relationships

You’re invited to two very special birthday picnic events planned in the Twin Cities and Rochester areas (see details below).

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Birthday picnic details

Twin Cities

Thursday, June 17, 2021
5:30-8:30pm (special celebration at 7pm)

Veteran’s Park
6335 Portland Ave.
Richfield, MN 55423

Food catered by Divine Swine

Enjoy family-friendly games, an all-day mini-golf and concessions discount, play area for the kids and a special time of celebration and fellowship with TFG staff.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo: 3rd Bridge Picnic Shelter
5731 County Rd 105 NW
Byron, MN 55920

Hot dogs, chips and drinks provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Enjoy complimentary zoo access, a large play area for the kids, and celebration and fellowship with TFG staff.

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Walking alongside moms in need

May 9, 2021 in Learn, Other, Relationships, Wrap Around Care
By Megan Dennison, TFG Program Administrator


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“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

– Atticus, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’


One of the first things I did after I became a mom was tell my own mom how much I appreciate her. I was suddenly seeing her role in my life from a new perspective – because I was now wearing the ‘motherhood shoes,’ too.

Although I have only walked a short distance in these shoes so far, my appreciation and admiration for my mom, and all moms out there, especially the moms we serve, has grown exponentially.

One thing I have learned in my very short time as a mom so far is that motherhood is hard.

As beautiful and rewarding as it is, motherhood can also be exhausting and overwhelming at times. I have never been more grateful to have people walking alongside me than in this season of my life.

Even with all the resources and relationships I have, there are still days that can be so challenging. Days that push me to my limits. Days that I feel isolated and vulnerable. I love my son so much, but there are still days where I desire a break. When these days come, I am so fortunate to have people I trust in my corner.

I have immense respect for the women we serve at Together for Good. They are brave women.

Brave to be vulnerable enough to call and ask for help when they don’t have emotional or tangible support.

Brave to know they’ve reached their limits and need respite.

Brave to drop off their kids they love more than anything to a host family so that they can recharge to be the best mommas they can be.

Becoming a mom has made me wonder – if I didn’t have the relationships I do in my corner, would I call? Would I be that brave?

I’ve always had a passion for the mission of Together for Good, but the fire inside of me now shines brighter.

I know that I will never fully understand the depths of some of the situations that women in our communities are treading. I may not be able to fully climb into their skin and walk around in it. However, something that I can do is walk alongside them.

We have the opportunity as the body of Christ to walk alongside families in our communities. The opportunity to be the friends that they can trust and call when they need a break to rejuvenate. The community to bring them a meal when they need one. Someone to drop off diapers to bless them. To be a brother or sister in Christ and reach out with a text to check in and see how they are doing.

We have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a tangible and authentic way. To bring hope and healing to families in our community in Jesus’s name, and to ensure that no parent walks life’s journey alone, because that was never God’s intent.

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Invest in families for the long haul

May 5, 2021 in Learn, Wrap Around Care

By Katie Brown, TFG Advocate

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As professionals who work with families and children in difficult circumstances, we often talk about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ACEs are potentially traumatic events that occur during childhood, such as having a parent with an addiction or mental health struggle, moving multiple times, or experiencing abuse or neglect.

These experiences impact a child’s sense of security and can have lasting effects on their developing brain. High ACES scores can impact a child’s future health-both mental and physical, their relationships, and even their ability to secure employment.

In addition to ACEs, there is also another score that we like to talk about at Together for Good. It’s a score that’s a little more hopeful: the “Positive Childhood Experiences” (PCEs) score. PCEs are exactly what they sound like.

Research is showing that children with high ACEs can still have a high level of resiliency when they have a high score on the PCEs assessment. This shows us that even children who grow up in poverty, addiction and chronic stress still have hope!

What’s unique about the PCE assessment is that every item that is identified as “positive” has one underlying theme: relationships.

Positive childhood experiences that lead to strong resiliency are all based around a solid relational start: a strong family even within adversity, steady relationships during hard times, and a sense of purpose and belonging.

Strong family relationships

ACEs and PCEs are measurable and studied scales used by professionals to address the root causes of many issues. They inform how we create our models for care. But the conclusions that have been drawn from these studies support what we, as Christians, have known to be true for centuries.

Relationships are vital. Families are vital.

The family is God’s idea and goes all the way back to creation.

When God created Adam, He said that it is not good for man to be alone, and He went on to give Adam a family. God mentions family dynamics in the ten commandments. In the Psalms, it is said that “God sets the lonely in families.” In Jesus’s life on this earth, we see that He was born to a mom and adopted by a dad.

Even Jesus had a family.

But what happens if a family is struggling with few resources to help them move towards stability?

We know that there’s often layers to struggles and there’s no quick fix. Temporary relief doesn’t always lead to lasting change. Many assistance programs do the necessary work meeting immediate physical needs, but once the food or vouchers are given, the “client” goes back to their situation.

These programs fail to provide what struggling families need most: gospel-centered RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships that are committed for the long haul and don’t go away once a physical need is met.

That’s why we do what we do at Together for Good.

We know that change doesn’t happen overnight. And we know that even one healthy relationship over a long period of time can make all the difference for a family in crisis.

We also believe the church is ready to lean into these relationships, and we are here to help make sure it happens – in a competently compassionate way. And we need your help.

Would you join our mission?

When you financially give as a monthly donor to Together for Good, you invest in lasting relationships.

When you invest in the relationships, you invest in families being supported for the long haul.

You invest in professional oversight and case management for all involved-from the volunteers, to the adults we serve, to the children we serve.

You invest in “positive childhood experiences.”

You invest in God’s plan for bringing hope, resiliency, and a new path forward.


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Generosity is an honor

April 23, 2021 in News & Updates
By Ericka, a TFG Host Mom


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“Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16

Our family has been abundantly blessed.

I married a good, faithful, loving man and father who loves Jesus. He works hard at a job outside our home that allows me to spend my days at home with our children and to serve the Lord in the ways I have been called.

This structure of our family blesses us with margins of time we did not have before. His job blesses our family with financial stability and material possessions. We are comfortable.

But, what do we do with this comfort?

Friends, we are called.

We are called to be generous.

Generous with our time, our gifts, our material possessions, and our money. Of course God wants us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we must remember that all of it comes from him… the comfort, the financial stability, the material possessions, the natural gifts we’ve been given. All of them are gifts from our good and gracious Father.

And He calls us to share.

Years ago in our faith journey, my husband and I were led by the Spirit to begin giving a percentage of our income to our local church. Friends, let me be honest and tell you that the selfishness hidden in my heart made it difficult for me to be as generous with our finances as we were called to be. Praise the Lord for a husband who led us well in that season.

Over time, the Lord revealed the abundance we were being given from a financial perspective. He called us to give more than we had been. By this season, God had shown me that when I let go and give to God what He is calling of us, blessings and freedom abound. Our family began to give a regular amount of financial support to the ministry that we have been called to, Together for Good.

And now, each month our family contributes an amount of money to the Together for Good ministry. It is automatically deducted from our account, and we know that God is using this money to better the lives of women and children in our local community.

Because of our involvement with the ministry, we get to see first hand the impact that TFG has on suffering people right here in our local community. God is so good.

So, if you read this and feel a stirring in your heart to give financially to this ministry, don’t ignore it.

In giving generously from what we’ve been given, God works wonders in our own hearts.

With love,

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