Backpacks for Good

Backpacks for Good

Help support kids in foster care in our communities by collecting and filling backpacks with essential items.

While our desire at TFG is to support families through tough times so children don’t ever need to go into foster care, sometimes Child Protection Services must step in, and when they do, we want to be there to serve and love on the kids.

Our Backpacks for Good ministry will give these backpacks to local CPS offices to meet kids’ critical needs at the time of placement with a foster family.

Thank you for helping us with this specific and very important need.

Everyone can do something

Churches can chose their own backpack goals, but the lists give examples for making 20 backpacks as a guide. They can either divide up items from the lists to donate and then pack them together or just ask that families bring completed backpacks to a designated drop off site. We ask that we get a chance to share about TFG with the participants when they gather for their event.

The backpacks serve multiple purposes. First, they bring some comfort to the foster child and family who receives it. Many come into foster care with nothing and many foster families are kinship families just struggling to hold their own lives together. Funds are not immediately accessible to the family, so everything, from finances to emotions are tight and high.

Secondly, backpacks show the social workers that the CHURCH has not forgotten them. The social workers learn to direct families to TFG and supporting churches who can help families avoid CPS or transition back to parenting after reunification. When social workers know to come to us for help, we can then step into that families circle of influence and give them the support they need to make it.

Finally, our backpacks include a letter for the foster child/family that lets them know about our clothing closet and meal resources, so they can connect directly with us and we can build relationships from there.