By Jennifer Thelen, TFG Volunteer Advocate Coordinator

As a single mother for the past nine years of two children (now adults ages 20 and 22!), I often find myself reflecting on Mother’s Day at all of the ways that God has been there for me in my parenting.

Jennifer Thelen and daughters, circa 2022

(Jennifer and her daughters, circa 2022.)

I will never forget the day I was walking in to church and both of my kids had been fighting. I was not handling it well. I sat in the back so no one would notice us. As the music began to play, I cried out to God and told Him I can’t do this. I felt like I was failing on all sides.

At the end of the service, an older man tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear, “You are a good mother.”

He walked away and I never saw him again. I wasn’t able to thank him.

In this moment, it was like God reached down from heaven and told me, “in my singleness, I am enough,” even when life and the world would tell single parents something different.

This helped me see that God can reclaim our brokenness, fill us with joy and help us to see the beauty in life each day.

This is why I’m a part of the TFG team. I believe it is organizations like Together for Good that give hope to single mothers, help them see Jesus and point them back to His healing authority in their life.


We LOVE Jennifer’s story and the way God poured into her in her moment of need. This is why TFG exists and why you are a part of the Together for Good family.

We think you’re an amazing mom, Jennifer! Thank you for all you do for TFG families.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Mother’s Day,

Your TFG team

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